Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TailGate and new windows

This will be a disjointed day with all windows torn out and replaced.  I fortunately have two areas of refuge.  I'm sitting on the day porch/studio right now, where the windows are all ok and so this, and the bathroom, will be sanctuaries for me.

Of course I can drive away and do things different places as well.

I can't say how thrilled I am to have the windows upgraded.  It will make this 50s cottage so much more livable.  I've got a great land-lady, no doubt in my mind.  She cares about her property, and me too probably!

So my comments are working again, (Vicki Lane wrote and said I was myself on her blog...isn't that cute?) and blogging is a good thing.

 Here are some pictures of the Black Mountain Tail Gate Market
 If you weren't there last weekend, be part of this weekend!

Mud Buddies booth with Wendy watching the sales.

 Good friend, Jerry Pope had the only dynosaur, as he sold not only his great children's book but post cards of his art from another book, (Walking Tour of Black Mountain).  The paintings of historic Black Mountain (on the post cards) are fantastic.  I want to share these tidbits of memorabilia, as well as Jerry's talents!
Did you find the dynosaur alright?  Look behind children's book on the table.  It's green.

The TailGate is dog friendly, as long as the dogs are friendly.  I guess I take issue when one of them pees on the grass upon which children play...but their owners seem to think all grass is ok for dog bathrooms.  I'm sure if it was something more solid they would be responsible.

It's great to have all kinds of art as well as fresh food available. 

 The produce as well as eggs, honey, and meats are all organic.  My favorite probably isn't, the chocolate croissants.  But it's only a decadence once a week or so.

Dynamite coffee is fair trade, and I also succumb to their goodness weekly.
Muffin has always chewed off her long white fur on her little pink belly, so when she lies there looking like she knows the answers to everything, and let that belly show, I couldn't resist!  This is the time of year she starts serious shedding, and her skin does something that makes the hairs clump up.  I've learned it's best to cut the clumps off early rather than later, because more and more hair gets involved.  This year I kind of tried prevention, and cut off a bunch of long fur on her flanks (where it's worst) before it had clumped.  She really doesn't like the clump cutting procedure, and maybe this will keep her happier.


  1. Where is Tail Gate market in Black Mountain? It's behind the Baptist church on Montreat Rd. as you head up towards the town of Montreat...less than 2 blocks from State St (aka US 70). Just look for the crowd, park in the lots, and enjoy yourself fm 9-12 Sat mornings all summer. Bring money for great food and pottery!

  2. I love that they have the tail gate in a wooded park. I bet the shade made things much more comfortable. Some of the street fairs here are under full sun & it get very very hot.

    I have an 18 yr old cat. He nibbles the fur on his front two paws (a little allergy related). Other than that - he is a very happy old kitty & loves lounging in his window seat in the sun.

    Muffin may not like the fur trimming, but I bet it feels so much better once it is done. :)


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