Thursday, June 2, 2011

They used to make dishes like this

In case you missed John Bauman's post of this video...
great movie about making dishware ...what a lot of manual labor!

This is from the 30's apparently.  Don't miss the women's dresses too!

I've discovered a way to find new and wonderful blog resources.  I just go to one of the blogs I like each day (and sometimes I have to do it last thing, rather than first thing in the day), and then read one of that blogger's favorite blogs.  That's how I just discovered this wonderful art at...

a photographer in Ontario.  Delicious stuff.  Hope my friend, Rosie, will see the dragon posting, cause I know she loves dragonflies.

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  1. That video was really interesting. I didn't realize they had pugging machines in the 30's. It's done the exact same way in my class... 80 yrs later - LOL

    There is a small town in France called Quimper.
    They make faience pottery there. The largest ceramic factory in the town is HP Henroit.

    The specialize in simple pottery that is hand painted (usually florals or folk characters).

    I bought a platter & vase in the "Fleuri Royal" style.

    They have factory tours occasionally. Reminded me a lot of the video.


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