Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pitcher pumpkin

Well, it's not really a pumpkin, maybe a bit like one though...

 I enjoyed making this shape so much with speckled brownstone clay...
 that I kept making shapes like it with some Little Loafers (the greenware at the top of my page above)

 I didn't want the glaze to be solid, so brushed off lots of it on different shoulders.

So this was the first of a series...and it's the first that has been glazed so far.

And here's the psychotic blue red and white bowl. 

I do need to remember to try to make this shape again, and have a simple glaze as was intended originally for this one!

Starting tomorrow, I won't be posting any more at this blogger address.  Go to this site for my I stumble along learning yet another program...


  1. Thanks for info, since I'm not computer connected for another 4 days, I'll not get to learn about it. I'm stuck in a hotel room that charges for internet access...what century are they from? The one where they are scrambling for every dollar they can squeeze out of us. I'm learning lots about how UU's do things at their annual General Assembly in Charlotte. Beautiful downtown!

  2. I love how the pitcher turned out. Great shape & the glaze looks really nice.

  3. Thanks it's good to have another potter's opinion. I'm looking forward to glazing the ones that are similar but done in a porcelain-type clay (cone 6). They won't have the lovely clay body showing through the glaze.
    And I'm posting now on the wordpress site.
    There's a cyber cafe here at the conference, so I had 15 min. Good thing I type fast!

  4. I'm not a potter but I think these are charming!


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