Monday, June 13, 2011

The Eagles

I'm listening to the rock group, The Eagles.  One of the few groups I went and heard in concert in the 70's.  Linda Ronstadt was another.  I still enjoy the Eagles music.

I wish I had a picture of an Eagle to post, but I found these wonderful monarch butterflies in my files.  I organize all my pictures, somewhat.  When I feel like being organized.

This time of my life I'm trying to flow with my feelings.  Of course different appointments intrude upon that.  But no longer a job.  I've got 24 hours each day at my disposal...and I probably waste around 1-2 each day.

Retirement is truly wonderful. 

You've already seen how I love to post pictures taken with a digital camera.  The initial cost of the camera, memory card, and rechargeable batteries was covered while I had income.  So now the only cost of the pleasure of sharing photos is the electricity to run this little old (purchased used) computer and the battery charger.

I also love that air, water, sunshine, breezes, bird songs, and the sights of nature's abundance are completely free.  Well, unless you want the water to come out of your tap.

Taking a walk is healthy and a great way to enjoy nature, and to make acquaintances.

I thought this snow filled nature picture was just right...the Summer Solstice is just next week, and we need to remember the winter one especially now.

Music is there on the net, through iTunes streaming radio programs, through Pandora radio choices...thus I'm listening to The Eagles right now.  I don't think I ever bought any of their records (yep, that's what they were produced upon first) or tapes, or CD's...but I do appreciate that this music is just here.

Reading?  The library systems wherever I've lived have provided me with excellent resources for anything I'm interested in for entertainment or education.

Spiritual connection to others of like minds?  Sure, there are enough churches around that this is an abundant resource also.

Art?  We are constantly baraged by it in advertising through various media...but there are also festivals of arts and crafts available for the price of being crowded and sweating a bit.  Galleries welcome everyone to browse.  Inspiration doesn't require perspiration!

What are some of the free joys in your life right now, whether you're retired or not?


  1. Hi Amika...sorry to hear you've lost someone in your life. That's upsetting so I'm sending you some healing energies as you adjust to their passing. And more adjustment for the bathroom remodelling! You have your life full, don't you?

  2. Hi ROsemary:
    While giving away gardenia flowers with each purchase of my co-op buddies' pottery on Sat. I talked several people into going out and buying and trying gardenia bushes here in NC. Apparently some don't make it through the winter here, and some do. So I'm glad I treated mine the way I did. I dare say you could do that if you've got good sunshine during the winter also.


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