Thursday, June 9, 2011

Throwing video and Oz

Thanks to Cathy Babula who posted this on FaceBook, and she is fortunate to be a student of this potter.
Throwing a porcelain bottle time lapse.

And thanks to Vicki Lane's blog, here I've dug out my mother's copy of The Magic of Oz, which is one of the L. Frank Baum series about Dorothy and the Wizard, and very different than the movie.

Do you have a favorite author who also blogs?  Let me know, because I'm really entranced by Vicki's blog, and it leads me into all kinds of places I never thought I'd go (her own blog following)

"I Dedicate this Book to the Children of our Soldiers, the Americans and their Allies, with unmeasured Pride and Affection.   L. F. B. " 

...the frontispiece of the book that was published in 1919.

Since my mother was born in 1917, she probably didn't read this until she was much older, or had it read to her.  I don't have any others, and don't even know if she had the entire series.  The inscription as to ownership I've added, after determining that the book is in such bad condition that it will never have any value as a collectible.

My little potted gardenia bush, which is sending out flowers like there's no tomorrow.  What a gallant thing plants do when they make flowers!  I'm full of gratitude.


  1. So glad I led you back to Oz -- and beyond... There are so many interesting bloggers out there, aren't there?

    My gardenia is also blooming away.

  2. Your gardenia bush is amazing! I didn't know they bloomed indoors. I want one! I probably don't have enough natural light though. It looks like you do so yours is very happy...and beautiful. -Rosemary

  3. Vicki, I love the Time Traveler's Wife, read the book first, and the movie was pretty good too! Of course I'm familiar with the Well's book as well. Well well, she said, tongue in cheek.


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