Friday, June 17, 2011

New bowls

This is another "second" due to the glaze not behaving.  (well, I guess I should take some responsiblity for it being so thickly applied).

Can't refire to get the craters out either, cause there are already slumps into big kiln stuck blobs...which I've ground off.  This will probably see the hammer soon.

These are the small and medium of a set fo 5 stacking bowls, done with Mexico glaze on the outside, eggshell inside, on speckled brownstone.  Three more bowls still to be fired.

In order to avoid the dred "thick glaze application" I brushed off some of the Mexico...and I like the brown of the clay showing through like this.  Not all of the bowls will have this though.

 A large bowl with Mexico and Eggshell glazes again, this time on Bella's Blend clay body.  I like that a friend called this the big Martini glass bowl.  That would be a lot of martini!

When Eggshell is applied thinly, it has the brownish specks.  When it's thick, it's pretty creamy.
 Another set of bowls that became glaze seconds, with their bottoms ground down to at least usefulness.  The Mexico inside and Eggshell outside are much clearer than in the large bowl above, and there is a lot of eggshell on the kiln shelf. 

Too bad they are pretty, but glaze can be fickle.  That's why I'm trying to just let go of my expectations.  But since it's the last step in the long process, it's really hard to say, oh dear, there goes another one....don't you know?

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  1. I'm just now catching up...
    I liked the bowls with the mexico glaze & the clay showing thru. I've done that once on a birdhouse.


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