Saturday, June 18, 2011

Negative space reversal

OK, now I'm really feeling crazy.  First there's the expresso which didn't make anything but water.  Did I do it right?  How could the grinds be there, the switch on, and there's clear water in the container?  Well, try pouring the water through the machine, Barb.  Duh.

Will the car keys be in the freezer next week? 

I've been wondering why everything is so hard to do these days.

Then I noticed the first time I looked a picture, I had figure ground reversed completely.  The shape looked kind of like one thing, and had something over it.  And then a few minutes later I looked again, and the convexity of it had changed to concavity.

It's not exactly figure/ground reversal.  It's changing an object that comes toward you in the middle to one that recedes away in the middle.  Nothing made sense before, and now it does.

Did the person who posted the picture change it somehow?  No, not likely.  Just my brain.

Our dear visual connection to our brains.  On some TV show there was the comment that since our brains are wired to take the upside down images from our eyes and make sense that they are right side up...if we wore lenses to change them back so our eyes actually saw things right side up, it would take 3 days for our brains to adjust.

I didn't need 3 days to switch from concave to convex.  But it may tell you why I'm fascinated with this imagery.

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  1. The convex/concave thing is interesting. I find that as my eyesight gets worse. I'm discovering lots of fascinating anomalies.


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