Thursday, June 16, 2011

BUY Pottery

Did you know student potters make some pretty wares?
Of course they do, and you already knew about it.

You, being a professional potter, remember when you first started...right?

Or you, being a person who eats and cooks in pottery, know how you first became aware of the beauty and usefulness of living with pottery.

Or You There, loving to have beautiful things in your home...
Or how about YOU, who enjoys the sensuous feeling of handling hand-made pots.

OK, you've got the message.  I'm not going to drag it out.  You go to all these art walks, and bring home things as much as you can carry...already.

You attend fund raisers.  One of which may be the Black Mountain Art in Bloom, which starts this Thurs. June 16.

While you're at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts, (STARTING FRIDAY) there on the patio will be student pottery for sale.  (Incidentally, none of these potters is under 29, so we're not talking about kids making dinosaurs.)

Fri. June 17, 1pm – 5pm
Sat. June 18, 10am - 2pm
On the patio at the lower/back entrance to Black Mountain Center for the Arts

For a few brief hours, student pottery will be available...Fri and Sat.  And the prices are reasonable (after all, students aren't pretentious).  And if that doesn't get your interest, after you've already supported the arts, these sales do too.  The student receives a portion of the sale, and the rest goes to support the Center for the Arts and its Clay Studio.  So you're supporting artists in the time of their questioning, exploring, and needing feedback.

If you live in Washington state, or California, I understand you missing this sale.  Otherwise, I hope you stop by.  I'll have a few things there too.  After all, after all these years, I'm still learning!

AND ANOTHER ad for BMCA tourist opportunity...2 hours and go home with pottery you worked on yourself!



June 13 – July 18.

Min. of 4 pieces or 2 people (@ $25 per pc.).

You get 1 hr glazing, 1 hr clay play with Sarah Meyer, studio manager.

call Black Mountain Center for the Arts, 828-669-0930 to reserve your Mon. of fun in clay and glazes!

OK, next post will be back to my egotistical chatter.

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  1. Sounds like a fun event. Wish I was closer. I'd attend. MI is quite a ways from NC.

    My school also has a once a year pottery sale. They have students selling pottery and invite some local professional potters to participate in the show.

    I like pottery that isn't perfect.
    I like seeing the marks of hand craft vs machine crafted perfection.

    I hope the pottery event is a big success.


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