Monday, June 6, 2011

Gardenias and glazes

Loving having new windows, which do swish up and down like butter, and my commentor said.  I've got one person making comments with this blog.  What does that say about me?  I'm fine with it...cause I know the rest of you are lurkers.  I do that lots of places, then someday or another I decide I really want that blogger to know what I think.  And that's how commentaries start.

The first 2 gardenias opened today.  I couldn't smell them until my head cleared out a bit.  Now they are the wonderful heady arroma that catches your attention as you walk by.

Cake Stand

I don't love having a bruised toe on right foot such that I can't wear shoes.  I dropped a 35 pound plastic tub of kitty litter from the height of the bottom rack of a grocery cart where it just wouldn't fit onto my foot.  Believe me it hurt.  it still does, and the toe is swollen and red still, but it wiggles fine.  I would have gone to ER and sued Walmart if it hadn't.

It has also limited my walking for a few days.  But I've still got other things waiting for attention.

I now have curtain material.  I now have a working sewing machine vintage Sears 1960's.  I stuck oil in all the right places yesterday, and wiped with an oily cloth where only dust bunnies could hide.  May still need a new belt, since this is only the second one on it.  I'll be so happy if it can just do simple straight stitches.  My mending is mainly requiring that.  And hemming new curtains was the impetus to get it fixed and running.  I actually still have the owners manual, which says just call the Sears repair man to come out any time.  Right.  But I am glad I looked inside and found some more places that I can squirt oil into the machine.

 This is cobalt stain with eggshell glaze over it...
 Here's the blue stain with HR Satin over it. 
 And I do love the silky finish it has.

Just wish I could count on the Satin glaze.  I may try it again tomorrow.  This is the look I want, and I keep throwing out pots because it has craters in it from being applied too thickly.  I am determined to get it right.

I also am a collector of pottery.  I have two small pieces by Akira Satake of Swannanoa, and one by Cathy Babula, and one by Bilbro (she didn't write her whole name on the bottom).  I don't like that my mark on my pots won't let anyone know my name, the little goddess figure.  So I think I'll also do my name.  I'm not exactly well known enough that people will see that goddess with arms stretched to the sky and think, ah it's done by Barbara Rogers!  My art is not meant to be anonymous.

Now that starts my thinking, why does it matter that an observer, someone who at least picks it up and looks on the bottom, should find my name?  I shall be thinking about that all day now.  I think it's an ego thing.  But it may also be connected to being a lurker.

A blogger note, after fuming for weeks why blogger won't remove blogs that I'm no longer following from the list on the "gadget"...  they don't do it automatically, so those blogs, even when they are no longer active, are just listed forever as blogs I'm following.  I would have thought once I stop following a blog, it would be removed from the list.  Logical, no?  Anyway, if I go through "design" and edit the "gadget list," that takes care of it completly.  Duh.


  1. Hi Amika...I think my friend Rosemary will enjoy reading your comment about loving Rosemary Bread, when her recipe is for banana bread. Oops. But it does sound good too.

    Rosemary tried to post a comment, but it's out there in blog never-never-land apparently. I do moderate comments, cause I've had some crazies before. So it may take a few hours, half a day or more sometimes, before I come back on line and say, sure, post that comment!

  2. I love that deep blue piece. I have a gardenia in a pot by our front door and the smell drifts into the house...

  3. Hi too, and am so frustrated the deep blue glaze is giving me troubles. Nice to have a gardenia fan club, right? Don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy them.

  4. Sorry I'm a bit fragmented this week.

    I did read thru the banana bread, and then was sidetracked by thinking about rosemary. I guess I started thinking about rosemary bread.

    Very sorry about that. Hopefully I'll be more together next week.

    Your cake plate is really cute. I can picture a yummy buttercream cake or torte perched on top!

    I hope your foot heals quickly. Those kitty litter tubs are super heavy. Yikes.


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