Friday, June 10, 2011

Paradigm shifts

When moving into new zones, out of our comfort zone, changing like shedding our very skin as we become butterflies from worms...we undergo paradign shifts.  Marilyn Ferguson introduced this concept to me in the 1980s.  I believe I'm about to go through one of these shifts in my life.  No clue where it will lead.

Sleeping goddess of Malta (replica)

Barbara Rogers at Black Mountain Center for the Arts Clay Studio

At Craggy Gardens on Blue Ridge Parkway

I read Tarot cards a while ago, which suported my idea to balance my intuitive side with more earthy ideas.  I also watched Homeward Bound, (remember it?) about the 2 dogs and cat who travelled home...using a sensory system that many animals rely upon.  A recent news story about a dog travelling with 2 broken legs for 3 weeks following a tornado until he got home, brings this to my rational mind as a certainty beyond the fiction of movies.

Unknown artist at Penland School of Crafts 2009
Well, I'm an animal, and I've been neglecting that wonderful system that could tell me to build a cocoon, or which way I should point my steps...and so I'm going to be listening more to that inner directional compass.  Why not?

Patti Bilbro (as Odyssey resident)

Time travel was one of the topics a group of us considered over lunch the other day.  And my proposal was that science fiction can again lead us beyond scientific limitations, in considering that time as a concept is what makes the limitations.  Time does not need to be considered as a linear function, rather perhaps a more intuitive one, or instantaneous one, or something that hasn't been thought of yet...we can get off the past/present/future time line.  Then we get back to the philosophical construct that all that really exists that we can act upon is NOW.

Akira Satake
Now, not what was before, not what is to come.  And at this point, this instant, there is infinity.  That's space within time.

Cathy Babula at Haywood Community College
 I'm sure that talking about this is somewhat off the main path of my creative musings.  And yet it spurs me to be more creative.

Barbara Rogers at Black Mountain Clay Studio
I loved re-connecting with a friend who was coming in the post office as I left.  I had just completed a major task.  So we celebrated at her house with tea.  And we enjoyed catching up and sharing some wonderful ideas.  I know this is part of the "new way" I'm turning into.


  1. Speaking of time travel, I highly recommend THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE for a beautifully written book and a fascinating take on the subject.

  2. Rosie, on the gardenia bush pot. It was outside as soon as the weather allowed, and that's what prompted so many blooms. I jsut brought it inside again to enjoy them, and because so many leaves were falling off in the 90 degree southern sun where it was. They are no longer turning yellow and falling off, so it's happy again. I looked up temp range they like, and am surprised how many I saw in FL planted outside that were happy.

  3. I hope you find creativity abundant on your new path.

    When you mentioned limitations - it really surprised me. I just watched a show last night about people overcoming limitations - in unusual ways. It pulls sci-fi, comics & measuring skill/abilities in a scientific manner -

    Last night they had a guy who uses click sounds to do echo location because he is blind. Another guy can bend wrenches and other metal items with his bare hands. They discovered he uses more muscle fiber than normal humans.

    What does this have to do with pottery/art right? Well everyone has a special viewpoint on the world. I had a friend that used to blindfold her self to draw - and she came up with the most amazing pieces of art.

    It might be interesting to limit one sense & see what unfolds with the others while creating a piece of pottery/art. Or look at the world thru another person's eyes - visualize what the skin of a pot would look like if you could see sound waves rolling off it (like echo location). I guess I'm just blabbering now - but I hope it makes a little sense.

  4. Interesting thoughts, A. I've wondered where you've been lately...good to have your feedback again.

  5. Barb, thanks for the info on your gardenia and growing conditions. I wonder if they'd grow here in Washington state? There are lots of azaleas and rhododenrons here like they are all over the place in Western NC. So some things do grow in both states. Maybe gardenias will too.
    Love, Rosemary


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