Saturday, June 4, 2011

Window pictures, 2 bowls

I just wanted to keep track of the old vs the new windows... so this is before... huge sliding double panes, only the right side slid or had a screen.

And this is after, full screen with thermal panes and tints. 



Well, they have sure changed my living atmosphere.  It feels lighter and when that sun hits me in the morning, even with the new blinds that have been installed, it's definitely lighter.  So today I went and bought some curtain rods and nice curtain material.

I also worked in my studio a while, and will carry most of the items back to BMCA studio downtown, to see if I have a chance to trim them more in the hour they are open tomorrow, or may just bring them back home. At least with my humidity, they don't dry as fast as they do in the air conditioned studio downtown.  But believe me I'm not's wonderful on our 90 degree days to have A.C. when throwing.  (Not so good when the kiln is going though)  At home I air condition during the day, but not at night, which means running around and opening all these nice new windows.  You really wanted to know that didn't you?

And just to prove I've still got some pictures of pottery you may not have seen yet...

 These are all of the same 2 bowls, which are glazed opposite of each otehr.

This is what Mexico glaze is supposed to look like.

And the other glaze is eggshell.


  1. I did make a comment yesterday about noticing Amika has a blog, though nothing seems posted up yet. (gone to the great wasteland of blog problems?)
    Glad you've moved out of being anonymous. It's fun to design a blog, then journal and post pictures for others to share (like me and you). Let me know if you want some help in the beginning. Fortunately most things can be undone if you don't like them.

  2. I meant my comment was gone to the great wasteland, not your blog. Though that's a possibility I guess.

  3. The Mexico glaze is a wonderful color - almost like tropical ocean water.

    I had a blog a few years ago - but I cleared everything off of it. I wasn't very good at planning daily updates.

    Your windows look great. I bet the open & close like butter now :) Such a relief when you can get big projects checked off.


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