Wednesday, June 8, 2011

poems and thoughts shared

Do you know Mary Oliver's poetry yet?  Try this...

Mary Oliver Reads "Mornings at Blackwater"

I thought of posting the poem on FaceBook, but I'm so disillusioned with the quality of comments there.  I like emails, I journal here in my blog, and enjoy reading other blogs and seeing wonderful art and pictures of nature.  Having friends, new and old, is nice.  Thanks!

Amika, I loved your tree coil pot...and don't see a thing wrong with the glaze.  I think your sheep are so cool too.  You obviously are very creative!  Kuddos!  (look at Amika's comment on my post on June 5, the second one, for links to pictures of her hand built pottery)

I notice that comments tend to get burried, as opposed to emails.  Well, they can disappear too.  But to find the original comment and post near it, means making a comment several days ago.  I don't like that.  So as far as I'm concerned, I'll make today's comments on today's post, even if they refer back to several days ago. 

OK, my pottery calls me now.  A wheel thrown closed shape wants to be cut into a box, then have a rim and cat features added.  I formed 2 others yesterday, and they are drying.  I got a kick out of making them, and that's what this should all be about, don't you think?


  1. I love the new format of your blog, Barb. It's much crisper and showcases your work even better. Great job! - Rosemary

  2. Thank you dear friend and editor!


Thanks for making this a more personal connection by saying what you think. I'll post your comments for others to see soon!