Thursday, April 21, 2011

clay class

These pieces are not mine.  I can't make the images much larger because they were on FaceBook or an Etsy site, and this is as much as they enlarge.

Annie Singletary is the potter.

She's also my new clay teacher.
I'm having major difficulty editing my blog today, the text will not behave, and just seems to go wherever it wishes, rather than next to the images.  Sorry.  Not my fault.  I guess.  Perhaps I don't know some major editing thing. 
Annie used to teach at Black Mountain Center for The Arts...and then she didn't, for the longest time.  She's been pretty busy with family and having a baby 6 months ago.  But when she decided to come back to teaching, I was thrilled.  I have actually taken a one or two day workshop with her before, and know she's a treasure trove of pottery information.

So I'm endeavoring to learn some of her techniques...and this class is all about techniques, for me at least.  It's so hard to go back to basics of cutting a first try, or second or fourth in half to see what I can learn about what I'm doing.  But hey, I am going to be a better potter and sculptor as a result of this.  Aleady my dreams of projects are changing, and I'm sketching ideas like crazy.

I feel so fortunate to have such a good teacher!  Thanks, Annie!

The Clay Club meeting next month will be at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts (May 11 at 6:30 pm).  This group of potters (mainly from the Yancy and Mitchell Counties of Western North Carolina) gathers from hither and yon to eat and greet monthly.  But Buncombe County is also included, and I guess elsewhere.  Whenever we're in a studio, apprently it's an opportunity for a demo or two.  I've only come to 2 of their meetings so far, and felt very welcome.  And everyone can dues either!

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