Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sounds of pottery, whales, elephants etc.

It was a rainy Thursday night in St. Petersburg, while at a reception at the Cobb Gallery (which has entrance shared with the Athletic Complex Annex) waiting for the presentation.  Tai and friend decided to demonstrate Brian Ransom's instrument...successfully I might add.

It makes lovely soft sounds, depending upon which pipe you blow into, of course.

Samantha watched while Brian filled his "flute-like" instrument with some water...which is instrumental in being able to play these gorgeous forms.  Later I heard the sounds which reminded me of whale songs.  (Incidentally try finding this link to hear all about a woman who records sounds of whales and

Being Blog on Katy Payne, April 3, 2011

Brian Ransom adjusts his sculptural's perfect!

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