Tuesday, April 12, 2011

St. Pete ceramics - art?

what makes art?

Surely not a stuffed camel with a iron chair next to it on a sidewalk?
How about a plastic chair like a hand?

I tend to think Jeff Campana's pottery that has been sliced apart and re-constructed is art.

My son, Tai, would say this is admiration of technique.  True.

So as you browse through these works of clay at the Morean, St. Pete Clay Company, Train Station gallery, whatever it's called...think about which ones represent art to you!

For every picture I took, there must have been 10-20 other pieces nearby that I didn't take pictures of.  Many were outstanding, and I just pointed and clicked this direction instead of that.  But my collection of pictures does show something interesting.  I leaned away from functional and to sculptural.  That's just me.

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