Monday, April 11, 2011

Clay Art NCECA

Yes there are still pots that I saw and haven't shared with you.
Can't have wasted that digital energy, nor the fact that I enjoyed them enough to stop and click.
These are more from the NCECA shows around Tampa and St. Petersburg last week.

From Eckerd College gallery...
Nick Schwartz piece...above

near the New Tampa Museum of Art

A view across the Hillsborough River to the minarets of the University of Tampa.

Two of my sons stand in the shade of the wonderful overhang at the Museum.

Of the three closest towers, the building to middle left is one I worked on when I was an Architectural Interior Designer with Watson Co. in the 70's.  It used to be the tallest building, and at that time was The First Financial Tower.  It seems to change its name every time I come visit.  (Just thought I'd add my share of trivia)

The next clay pieces are part of an Internation Exhibit

This was my favorite piece at the Tampa Museum. above

This amazing piece was taller than I was. above

This piece really reminded me of Erin Campbell's sculpture, though this one was covered with something like wallpaper...I kid you not, flocking was one of the media. above

Oh dear, how did I get in there?

Yes, this is all clay! left

This is one of the pieces that made me scratch my's several feet across, sitting upon the floor...I had trouble understanding this as art...though it is pretty!

Sam, Tai and Marty enjoy the shady brunch area outside the museum.

And a lot of the display space was given to ancient pottery as well as the newer pieces...above

There was also a beautiful collection of Degas bronze statues, but we weren't allowed to take pictures of that exhibit. above

Tomorrow I'll post my last pictures of St. Petersburg pottery/sculptures, from the Morean Gallery of the Train Station, which everyone still calls St. Pete Clay Company.

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