Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glass by Chihuly and company

Not your garden variety of glass.  Dale Chihuly glass.

Can't take pictures of the displays of his own creations...just the glass for sale in the gift shop of the Morean Chihuly well as the gift shop in the hot shop Morean Art Center.  2 gift shops, plenty of pretty glitters!

The style of a wide multifaceted bowl is what we watched Paul blowing in the Hot Shop.

Paul blew glass that was green first, then a bowl that was orange.  (not this one)

I especially liked this red combination, and want to do something similar in clay, mainly having 2 organic flower-like shapes that compliment each other.

These displays were under plexiglass cubes, so there's a bit of reflection from the showcase.

This exterior figure is made of plexiglass, rather than true glass, which a Chihuly would be.

Marty was captured as he took a picture of the following window...

This window is constructed from broken auto windshields.

Here's my bauble, which is waiting to hang in a window and catch the sun.

This is another sun catching ball of glass which I gave to a friend.

The next posting will be shots of the Hot Shop, where Paul blew 2 glass wide bowls.

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  1. The auto windshield glass was also melted before being made into the window pictured above.


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