Thursday, April 7, 2011

pottery exhibit Morean (Chihuly hot shop) museum

There are actually 2 Chihuly art encounters in St. Petersburg FL.  You buy separate tickets for each one.  The Dale Chihuly glass museum doesn't allow pictures of his work...which are incredible.  (They do let you take pictures of the glass objects for sale, which will be posted in a separate blog)

Nature lies upon concrete - Photo by B. Rogers
The hibiscus flower was just sitting there as we walked along in St. Pete.  While my son, Marty, browsed in a store nearby, I enjoyed playing with the angle a photographer searches for.  I also admit, I'm influenced by O'Keefe! 

Christina Cordoba

The Morean gallery had a clay exhibit, a single artist show of Christina Cordoba, whose works I'd already seen in Bakersville, NC. 

There were also a lot of scultpures in their NCECA show, of which I've included a few here...

floor treatment was cool for this installation

Life (my son) interacts with art

The Hot Shop, glass blowing demonstration
 (Hot shop will be another posting cause there are lots of pictures as Paul created a couple of gorgeous glass pieces.)

nature intrudes between concrete - Photo by B. Rogers

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