Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cynthia Bringle

CYNTHIA BRINGLE  (b. 1939, Memphis, Tennessee)

Happy belated birthday, Cynthia!

A bowl a birthday!

Cynthia Bringle is known for both her functional pottery and for her enthusiastic teaching and mentoring. She has had a long career at Penland, North Carolina, creating work that reflects the culture and history of the southern highlands. Cynthia began as a painter, and continues to paint as well as decorate her work in a painterly fashion, creating what she terms as ceramic “Wall Paintings”
Cynthia began her career at the Memphis Academy of Art where she first took a short course in clay. She then took courses at Haystack School in Maine. and at Alfred University. At Alfred, she studied with both Robert Turner and Ted Randall. It was then that she returned to North Carolina and began teaching at Penland School, where she helped develop the ceramics program. She now lives permanently in Penland.

At Penland she built a gas car kiln, a wood-fired kiln, and a raku kiln. She enjoys working with the Anagama kilns, creating work that utilizes the resulting ash deposits of the firing process. Cynthia Bringle exemplifies the best of 
 American functional and non-functional art pottery.

Here are some of her wonderful works...

I've been so pleased to see Cynthia's work at various shows in NC.  And I've actually met her a few times, when visiting Penland. 

If you haven't had a chance to go there, please put it on your bucket list...about an hour's drive north of Asheville and Black Mountain.  There are open houses available several times a year, classes in all craft disciplines, and a gallery of gorgeous goodies.

information is here 


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