Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Totems or not to totem

Many people are sort of stingy with "their ways."  I find I am too eclectic to have that attitude.  I learn whatever comes my way, and am very grateful to be given different disciplines from which to study.

Totems are usually animals, usually part of various Native American traditions.

I give you a link which will start with crow...and if you can listen, have your sound on when you click on this link. 

Crow Medicine

There will be other animals listed as well...it's a great site for you to consider the medicine of these animals, and what they might mean in your modern life.

So I consider the Japanese and Chinese and English and French and Native American potters have taught me something, all of them.  I also like many of the spiritual paths that they follow, and can say they offer me a lot. 

I hope you can do the same, learn from the soil wherever you may be planted, with the native weeds as well as the more exotic and ornamental imports.  Perhaps our scientists are wise when they try to keep the immigrant invaders in their place (or rather, our of our place), but with a global community, it's unlikely to work.  We have Kudzu and those fish that eat everything.  Now it's bedbugs.  What next?  I would imagine the American tourists have certainly carried many an invader back to Africa.  But there just aren't any scientific reports yet.

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