Friday, March 11, 2011

Goddesses and women in one book

"Cakes for the Queen of Heaven"

available as a book through this link...178 pages of book, based upon Shirley Rank's work and the UU curriculum that raised many women's consciousnesses to include the goddess in their lives....not to mention started many women's groups as offshoots of the classes.

I took this course in the early 1990's in Knoxville's UU church, and then taught it several times in different churches in the southeast...each time women came curious, and went away with great big smiles on their faces.  Of course it poses many more questions than it answers.  And the UU organizational women decided to continue the educational curricula to include the other goddesses of the world, (Asian, African, Mediteranian, American Indigenous, etc) as well as many other consciousness raising activities in a sequel class "Rise Up and Call Her Name."  (I've taken it around 3-4 times also).

I love the material, though sometimes the visuals of various statues, artifacts, and sites have lost their original focus and become somewhat blurred.  (They were originally slides viewed on a filmstrip viewer, and now put onto computer format (powerpoint style).  If they are upgraded, the classes should continue to be held.  And my friend who is a wiccan, says the part of the curriculum covering witchcraft is sadly out of date.  I don't know the particulars of this, but she may be teaching a non-UU class that uses some of these materials with her own updating.  After all, editorship is one of the things women have taken control of in their lives.

Another important note must be made, that the curriculum for a group, held over however many weeks it may take, provides a community building opportunity which is part of the secondary purpose of the class.  Education must be the first...and thus reading the book does help with that, but the group sharing is a value which cannot be overlooked.

I suggest at least using this book as a book club discussion topic.
Whichever way you might absorb some of this information, please take the time to look at the book that's now available to download, if you haven't before.

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