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go see what's happening in Tampa March 30-April 2...

I haven't begun to search for the Tampa sites which NCECA will bring out...their shuttle busses are going far and wide...and I'm not on a bus, I'm in my car. I may not go as far as Gainesville. I'll try to take pictures...you know me!  I dare say North Carolina will be a bit lighter this week because so many potters are in Florida!

National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts
here's their link

and in case you don't want to go there...here are some basics...

THEME:  Tidal Forces: The Next Wave


Exhibitions are the bridge between ceramic makers and the viewing public. This vital aspect of our organization and annual conference speaks to our mission of advancing the ceramic arts and educating our communities through dynamic personal interaction with ceramics in exhibitions that encompass the full spectrum of ceramic art. To further increase public awareness and appreciation of the ceramic arts, as well as instigate critical investigation and dialogue, NCECA sponsors two exhibitions in conjunction with each annual conference and helps place dozens of concurrent independent exhibitions featuring ceramics in the conference host community.

Some of the places of interest to me are...

St. Ptersburg, FL...

Eckerd College, New Cobb Gallery, 4200 54th Ave S, 727-864-8340
·       EC @ NCECA, Brian Ransom, Bede Clarke, Stanton Hunter, Joy Brown, Casey McDonough, Mary Law, Jere Lykins, Susan Demay, Robert Hodgell, Ian Meares, John Eckert, Scott Ross, Tai Rogers, Jessica Wilson, Annette Sidner, Tom Judge, Nick Schwartz, Melinda Marino, Alix Knipe, Matt Schiemann, Adam Yungbluth, and more.  Featuring ceramics by alumni, as well as past and current faculty of Eckerd College.  Curated by Arthur Skinner.  Mar 6-Apr 8.  Tue-Sat 10:30am-4:30pm.  Reception Mar 31, 6:30-9:30pm

St. Pete Beach
Nancy Markoe Gallery, 3112 Pass-a-Grille Way, 727-360-0729historic house – please call in advance
·       The Shoulders We Stand On, Virginia Ainslie, JoAnn Axford, Antoinette Badenhorst, John Baymore, John Beckelman, Sandra Blain, Judy Bolef Miller, David Bolton, Andrea Bottelli, Maureen Burns-Bowie, Joan Carcia, Bowie Croisant, Susan Curry, Joan d'Arcambal, Barbara Davis, Scott Dooley, Bette Drake, Laila Farcas-lonescu, Dawn Ferguson, Roberta Griffith, Martha Grover, Vicky Hansen, Marian Heintz, Pamela Herring, Jonathan Kaplan, Jan Kolenda, Justin Lambert, Marta Matray, Joan Matsusaki, Dan Molyneux, Judith Motzkin, Hank Murrow, Joy Elaine Praznik, Catherine Rehbein, Carol Rissman, Renee Rouillier, Donna Rozman, Barbara Schwartz, Sam Scott, Amy Smith, Dinah Snipes Steveni, Rimas VisGirda, Sumi von Dassow, Scott Ziegler, Cristin Zimmer, Eliza Wang.  Potters Council celebrates the community with a show of members' work and will pay tribute to our roots, the significant influences that shape us and guide our work in clay.  We are creative heirs standing on the shoulders of giants.  We cannot help but reference and renew their ideas in our own work.  These distinctive inspirations become the touchstones of our best original efforts.  We do not seek copies of our roots, but works, which honor them with fresh, innovative interpretations.  Curated by Bill Jones
·       Sages of Clay, Cynthia Bringle and Sandra McKenzie Schmidtt.  Works that deeply touch and speak to people.  Throughout their careers, these artists have also been inspirational guides to countless artists who wish to live a life in clay.  Curated by Nancy Markoe
Above Shows:  Mar 28-Apr 15.  Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Sun 12-6pm.  Reception Apr 1, 5:30-8:30pm

St. Pete Clay Company
Also in St. Petersburg, FL is a wonderful site where clay is worked and sold, and a Highwater Clay store is also housed.  (For those of us around Asheville, it is much smaller than the store we are used to, but still a great source for clay supplies)

45th Annual NCECA Conference Tampa/St. Pete
March 28th - April 2nd, 2011

St. Pete Clay Co. says..."We are fortunate to have NCECA in our city this year.  During this
time we will be hosting many shows in conjunction with the Morean
Arts Center for Clay and Highwater Clays.  NCECA is the annual
clay conference where thousands of artists, educators and students
gather to share ideas, have discussions and view art by contemporary ceramic artists. 
Because ceramics is such a community based field of art it is a good opportunity to bring
ceramic artists together.
The St. Petersburg Clay Company will be open thoughout NCECA.Train Station Reception Night
March 31st, 2011

 "We will be hosting a reception for the many shows that are being
held in the Train Station in conjunction with  the Morean Arts
Center for Clay and Highwater Clays. 

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