Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter may not be over but...

The equinox has passed, and there are those who say that's the beginning of spring.  Most who have lived in these mountains a while know that there is great likelihood of further frosts, and maybe even snow still.

There it was, the super moon, supposedly 14% (or maybe 17%) bigger than it's smallest, as the arc around the earth takes it further away or closer, as it was Saturday for it's fullness.

After 3 sunny hot days (in 80s two of them) the daffodils have slightly fried.  They won't be here (at least these blooms) another day.

I loved the 2 grey (French?) geese, trying to pretend they were stones, and tucking their heads under wings.  Didn't work.  Just behind me ran the kids from a birthday party, with their new fishing rods.  At least the geese got away and swam out to the island quickly.  I used my camera to protect me and walked off around the lake.  Dogs and cell phones were the remaining bothers to the day!

The little white duck in the foreground always has a topknot, and I call him Daffy Duck.  I don't know the species, they are definitely not big enough to be geese.

The Canada Geese had a squable and I was able to capture the take off of one.  It may have been another grey trying to find a mate, not sure.

It was indees a pleasure to see Mr. Wooduck, and maybe his wife.  But she reminded me a lot of female Mallards, at least with her blue and white barb on her wing...and I'd thought female Wooducks were browner.

The Cherry tree overlooking the lake had just started to bloom.  The one in my yard hasn't yet let a single blossom out of its pregnant buds.

I heard that the rec center is due to open again soon...which is across the lake below Tomahawk Mountain (to the right) while to the left the Blue Ridge Parkway could be seen going in and out of the tunnels along the top of Craggy Mountain.  I'm sure I had a few friends hiking up in those woods on Saturday during this warm sunshine.

I especially liked this couple, as Mrs. Mallard was just standing on one leg as I passed by.  Mr. Mallard was shyly looking at me over his back, so you can't see his pretty head on the left.

Mr. Wooduck getting out of the water as a Candada Goose swims by.

The view from my living room window, whenever I pause in typing to gaze outside...there are 2 garages across the street.  One is filled with junk, and has been cleaned out at least 3 times in the the 2 years I've lived here...there's still an old wringer washer in there!  The other garage is partly hidden by it's squat shaped pear tree, which is in full bloom suddenly.  In 2 days it went from grey to this bounteous beauty.

But today the cold and clouds have returned...perhaps winter still has a few words to say.  Brrrr.

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