Thursday, March 24, 2011

links to Women's pottery blogs

Here are some of the women's blogs which I check (almost daily, if I have time).

This is a great thing to read over morning coffee, and much more inspiring than the news or anything on TV these days.  I check these 'cause the authors tend to regularly post something.  Many blogs are bookmarked but not checked any more, because they just don't post frequently.

Amy Sanders

shambhala pottery

/jennifer mecca

Tracey Broome

Flat Creek in Montreat, Feb. 2011.  Beginning of warming..

Jose goes to Pot

art biz blog


Covered in Mud


There are probably more, because if I notice something interesting on one of their "blogs they follow" I sometimes go off on tangents and look at them too.  Of course, I'm leaving off all the men potters today...and believe me there are a few who do great blogs.  Next month perhaps.  See, there doesn't have to be a Men's History Month.  They've kind of written the book, as the feminists say.

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