Friday, March 4, 2011

Energy balancing

Just wanted to give a big hurrah for the Women's Spirituality Group of The UU church here in Swannanoa Valley...which met last night to learn about Anchi crystals and Feng Shui and Soul Readings.  It is a great gathering place for lots of interests, but this is the first time I'd heard of some of this in quite this way!

We women sat in a circle, passed around ancient crystals, each of which had different kinds of energies.  Kelly spoke of Akashic records and being in balance.  Ramya spoke of energies of the earth.  Lisa told how she's travelled the world sharing these ancient crystals with everyone she meets.  I'd say she is their ambasador, though she didn't say that.  But she told us to experience what the crystals were telling us through their energies.

We shared a sense of a small group of women who are able to boost each other up on a psychic level.  Many groups of women have been doing this from ancient times.  I found out that some of my friends attend another group that meets at the same time and has been for years, doing much the same thing for each other, but with a different focus.

Just wanted to post a thanks to all the women who gather together to spend minutes (or sometimes the luxury of hours) to reaffirm what we know.  Our roots are deep in mother earth, our spirits reflect the stars, and our arms embrace in shared hugs.  Yes, this is Love.


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