Monday, March 14, 2011

Linda Metzner's poetry

Please check the poetry at this site...

Isn't It All of Us?
poetry by Annelinda Metzner

The Sahara Peace Choir

The women come to sing.
In the cold and icy dark we gather
to rehearse the songs of peace.

"Annelinde Metzner is a poet and composer whose work reflects her deep connection to the Divine Feminine. She has self-published two chapbooks, "In Love with the Rooted Earth" and "Isn't It All of Us?", available at Annelinde produces concerts of her music and poetry with mixed media including dance, spoken word, chorus, strings, percussion and puppetry.   Her productions include "The Mountain Moving Day" in 2002 (see, "The Abundance of Mary" in 2006, and "In the Mother Grove" in August of 2009, all in Asheville NC. She directs the Sahara Peace Choir and offers a workshop, "Bring Forth Your Soul's Voice".  (source: her profile)

Another of her chapbooks may be found here...

The photographs are also evocative of the moods of the poems.

The lovely park which is all river, all Her,
Her power and majesty manifest,
just some grass and a sidewalk
plus Her, the River, magnificent.

I was a member of the Sahara Peace Choir last year.  I may return, if my voice returns soon.  They just gave a great performance for International Women's Day at the Ten Thousand Villages shop in Montreat, NC.

Annelinda Metzner teaches music around Asheville, NC.  She is also the choir leader of the UU church here in Black Mountain.  Her concert to raise funds for The Mother Grove temple in 2009 has been made into a DVD.  Fabulous entertainment, original music, and dance!

Kudos to Annelinda!

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