Friday, October 28, 2011

Latest pottery

Post Script: Yesterday I posted 2 pictures of many labyrinths I've constructed.  I forgot to say, what's the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? 

A maze has the intention of getting you lost, with lots of deadends.
A labyrinth has the intention of taking you directly (turning directions of course) to the center, then back out again on the same path. 

So when I recently read about the Labyrinth and the Minotaur, I realized the story was written wrong, because that was a maze, not a labyrinth, which would get someone lost unless they knew about the golden thread.  In a true labyrinth, you need no thread to find your way out.  That's why it's an ideal journey for meditation.

 A couple of my raku sillies...just for the fun of it!

 This kind of like a pumpkin/squash bowl...who knows?

 Set of 4 mugs in matt bronze green, with some amber glaze sponged on for a rough/shiney effect.

I added a bit of clear glaze around the lips so there was a smooth touch for your lips as you drink out of them.

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  1. There was a super great Fun Fund Raiser for the Tail Gate Market, last evening at Pisgah Brewery (called for some reason Pig and Pint). Interesting turn of events, my plate was chipped when a gust of wind knocked over another pot. But the person who had already bid on the plate bought it at a reduced rate anyway.

    Kuddos to Joan and Geni for great work organizing, and super good foods from all the vendors!


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