Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Southern Highlands Craft Fair

I have a few pics that I'll add here this afternoon...but wanted to give anyone in the Asheville area the news...this is a great venue!

I know the musically inclined will be off in Black Mountain at Camp Rockmont for LEAF.  So I hope you got a chance to see the crafts before today...I think SHCF closes around 4 today.

I bought a few raffle tickets, so I know the drawing is at 4:30-ish at the Civic Center.  I really hope to win the doll!  She makes me smile every time I look at her.  I enjoyed volunteering yesterday by letting a couple of potters take lunch breaks, then sitting at the raffle/information table for a while.

Also there are bunches of events coming up in honor of Samhain next week.  Our choir is practicing early today, then Wed. night, then just before church next week (I know, you could care less, but I'm just trying to get a handle on this calendar of events for myself.  OK, I won't go into each day's appointments.)  But I know Byron Ballard will be leading the congregation on next Sunday, which is always a high point for many of her friends.  (She's the Village Witch who blogs for the Asheville Citizen Times)

Public things to know about are the BIG fundraiser and taste of foods/drinks at Pisgah Brewery on Thurs. Oct 27 from 4-7.  The event will support the Tail Gate Market of Black Mountain.  I donated a plate for the silent auction.  I know I'll be there, and the $20 tickets are a deal for all the food.  It's being called A Pig and a Pint...something to do with barbeque.

Friday hosts a "Boo at the UU" family party.  And then Saturday from 9-1 is the last Tail Gate Market of the year.  It's sure to be lots of fun, with special kids events, as well as a gala last sale for all the vendors.  We've had a pretty good season this year...though pottery didn't do all that great at times.

Halloween itself is another event that we all will enjoy, and for me by attending a Baba Yaga fete in Asheville...and  for me joining singing with the Sahara Peace choir.

A brief mention from the pagans and wiccans out there...the veil between the worlds becomes thinner for Samhain, and there is definitely communication with those who have died.  Our ancestors need to be honored, not denigrated in funny ghost stories.  We owe our existance to their strength and the decisions they made...their loves and passions, their fears and faults, and the joys and efforts of their lives.  So I daily ask for those who have gone before, mostly my ancestors, but some my friends, to give me their wisdom.

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