Saturday, October 8, 2011

Notes and more pictures

Note to Chad:  Thanks for comment!
Yes, Painter is going outside, and asks to come in she came home early and very dirty.  She's covered with dust.  Kind of grey instead of white.  She needs to do the bath thing to she's working slowly around herself.  I keep Muffin in another room some of the time so she doesn't scare Painter.  They both are queens, so there's some territorial conflict sometimes.  Both calicoes too.  But very different in size, and interests.  Painter does love being outside, and we've had lovely warm dry weather lately.

Note to Vicki:
thanks for your support of my first editorial posting...I've heard others say they liked it.  I felt like I was sticking my neck out, but it's the inequity that so many of us live with, and whenever it can be verbalized, I think someone should.  It's the elephant in the country (used to be living room)...and the "Occupy Wall Street" actions are a great way to bring attention to it.

I copied this link from Being's so sweet  "one year in 40 seconds."

OK, all you folks further north...this is the week it starts here!  Whoohoo!  Autumn!

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