Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tailgate markets of Black Mountain

The Mudbuddies closed down our booth yesterday after a wonderful last market.  The rain was gone by the morning, so we had bright blue skies.  And a little wind.  The only real hardship was the fact that it was really cold.  So we know it's time to close up shop and head indoors.

I think there will be one more "Tailgate Craft Market" to be held Nov.19, not sure where yet.  So we will have one more opportunity to show Black Mountain our wares.

Barbara Rogers by Barbara Rogers :>+)
Our group of 6 potters has had fun and challenges this summer.  We mostly did well...though there were a few Saturdays that we grudgingly packed all the same pottery back into our boxes without a single sale.  If we knew how to avoid those days, we would all be much happier potters.

Then there were days like yesterday, and for the first time all 6 of us had sales.

Many days we would say, we're really just doing this for the fun we have sitting outside and talking to people. NAH!   Most of us need to sell something as well as have a happy time.  This isn't like a "hobby" for us.  We are seriously trying to do the best we can, in the directions each of us wishes to grow as craftswomen.  (Our subtitle name would be MudSisters if we needed one.)

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