Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Season, The Studio

With autumn, there's an abrupt change from summer...things just don't look the same and there's an earth shaking realization that life is going through the same kind of thing.

So, I jump around, looking hard, taking lots of pictures.  I also enjoy the feeling of the air, cool on my skin on one side, and hot in the sun on the other.  The breeze is not just blowing, it gusts in cold chatters through the trees, and seeps into my bedroom chilling me each night.  Then while the house is still full of the chill, suddenly by noon outside the heat from the sun makes it warmer by 10 degrees than it is inside.

Ah, the clay studio at Black Mountain Center for the Arts!

 Afternoon light beams in the studio.  It's much more fun to work then, than at night.  At least I think so.

There's more light from the sun reflecting off the floor than will be available in the glaze area at night.  So this is my best time to glaze.

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