Thursday, October 13, 2011

Latest pottery...again

Well, I've been a busy potter...churning out interesting shapes, being satisfied (on the whole) with the glazes these days.

 This little vase has eggshell glaze, inside and out, wiped on the highlight places with a sponge while still give the blush from the thin glaze over speckled brownstone clay.  I do like that!

 Here are two blues... floating above, and Black Mountain Blue below.

A coffee filter cone...which I've started using rather than all the trouble with espresso machine.  Just wait till the tea kettle says I've got hot water, and pour it through the grounds.  And I found out how the extra heat from pouring boiling water stays in the ceramic cone and I get really well brewed coffee, and enjoy the flavor more.  So at this point, it's staying in my kitchen.  I may make another one...maybe.

When I tried brushing off some of the blue glaze, it gave some interesting colorations from the thin glaze and the bare clay.  I happen to like this effect.

From New Grange, Ireland, or perhaps Malta's goddess temples, the triple spiral is a design which has meditative possibilities.  Our Women of Wisdom class participants painted their Triple Spirial Finger Labyrinths with glaze, and now will be able to use them for meditation.  I made a few extras that I'm willing to sell.

I sold both of these pitchers the day I put them out at the Tail Gate market.  It's too late to make any more before the market closes for the season.  But I'll try to have a couple by the time I next sell things at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts...that will be the first Fri. in December.  Until then, I'll just be enjoying exploring what can be done in clay.


  1. Is your triple spiral finger labrynth for sale?

    1. Hi Ancestral Gael:
      Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I keep active on another blog now.
      But yes, the triple spiral labyrinth is for sale. $15, which barely covers the work to make it.
      I can sell it through my etsy shop. Write me a note there, and I'll list it.

      Thanks for your interest!


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