Friday, October 14, 2011

Tiny pots and "Occupy" demonstrations

Here are the tiny pots that will join either my friends in CA or WA, or go to the Tailgate this weekend.

 View of first four...
 View one of second 4
 View two of second four, the one on the left has three colors, thus a different looking pot each way.

 View of third five...

Do you think much about how the "Occupy" demonstrations are doing?  What challenges they face in looking within themselves as individuals, as well as trying to become a cohesive group?  This is worth thinking about here  Again I borrowed from another blog.  Hey, it's worth passing along.

I am part of the are most of the people I know.  Funny about that.  If I looked for the 100th person that I knew today, then I'd figure that must be the rich 1% who holds the majority of the money of our country.  Just thinking.  But when I look inside myself, I wonder what's keeping me from doing a demonstration.  I think it's my physical limitations at my age.  SO if I were in my vigorous 30s or even 40s, I'd certainly be out there.  Being closer to 70, I can vigorously post blogs!

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  1. What charming little pots! I'm a supporter of OWS but haven't gotten myself to the Asheville one -- like you, my support is on the Internet -- mainly Facebook.


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