Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's the most wonderful day of the year.
Got up with that song chanting in my heart.  Seems appropriate, don't you think?  What,, you think only Christmas day is the most wonderful day of the year?  Well, you'd better start thinking about that!

A new film "Connected" by Tiffany Shlain opened in New York to a sold out crowd and is touring the country. - a personal tribute to the filmmaker's father, celebrated author and neuroscientist, Leonard Shlain, who passed away in 2009. (author of The Alphabet Versus the Goddess)

check that clip out, it sounds interesting...though Leonard Shlain's work on the goddess seems somewhat strange...though again interesting.

Haven't downloaded the last pictures of fall trees and pots.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day in the great windy outdoors here, and it did warm up eventually, but still shady places were cold.  My friends froze their noses...and other parts, at the TailGate market early in the morning.  It wasn't my shift this week...of the MudBuddies. 

Oh, I want to include (in case I haven't) the link to the Black Mountain webcam.  It's somewhat jerky, and has no reflection on the people who live here.  It unfortunately only looks at the street that one of the sponsors is located upon...and it isn't the main street of the town anyway.  But it's interesting enough to at least see the Seven Sisters mountains in the background.  Actually it's better than when it was first started, somehow the scene is now zoomed in so you don't have the great view of the public bathrooms that is the next area to the right of these buildings.  I bet someone complained about that!

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