Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two adventuresome lives


Crystal Lee Sutton, aka Norma Rae

I really don't know much about Steve Jobs who ran Apple, iPhone, Mac etc for so long.  But not long enough. I salute the adventures of his life and ideas.  

All his wealth didn't do enough to keep him from a death as a fairly young man.  His corporation continues to amass millions. 

Does this sound like the ongoing demonstrations on Wall Street?  Money goes to millionaires, and corporations, but doesn't come to the workers, the poor, the underemployed, the unemployed, the home evicted, those carrying cardboard signs and camping out in the cold and rain. will have some comments about the DC demonstrations.  We also are having some here in Asheville, NC, see

There is a great inequity in our culture.  It needs to be addressed and will probably have major changes in our lifestyles soon.  I hope so anyway.

Another recent death you may have heard about, but wasn't quite as widely covered in national news, Crystal Lee Sutton. She was a simple woman of strength, but an American icon, a working-class woman who stood up for her rights and unionized her workplace, whose story became the film
 Norma Rae.  

She died from cancer after her insurance company delayed giving her treatment.

Somehow I don't think that would have happened to Steve Jobs.  Crystal Lee Sutton was 68.

Crystal Lee Sutton was the real name of Norma Rae.

Sumac tells that fall is finally coming to the Blue matter what people may be doing in their lives.   Weather changes slowly with the cycles of seasons, the turning of the planets.    So do civilizations.  The value of each individual life is rich and important to the total universe.

The Blue Ridge Parkway pavement is relatively new, astride the oldest mountains in the US.  Yes, the Black Mountains once were the height of the Rockies, and now snuggle into each other, survivors. 

We little short-lived people, with our cars, a technological civilization that sent men to the moon, we are but a blink of an eyelash in the eons of time that these mountains are sitting here, seeing the seasons change annually also like a blink.

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  1. Excellent post, Barbara. Far too many inequities in this country and on the world.


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